About Us – Patrick Mirucki

Patrick Mirucki Producer/Director

Patrick Mirucki, President of VK Media & Internet Services, LLC, sums up his philosophy about the video production and internet business when he says, “Hey Babe! Lets Do It !

Mr. Mirucki has been doing it in New Jersey since he fell in love with the blues scene in Asbury Park in the early 80’s and created The Underground CafĂ© for CTN (the Cable Television Network of New Jersey) to cover the burgeoning talent that sprung from this area and spread throughout the Metropolitan area.

Mr. Mirucki went on to become the General Manager for OBC-TV, a commercial/public access channel in Northeastern New Jersey where he developed local programming for the surrounding twelve communities. The shows covered everything from sports to the acclaimed Meet the Mayor, as well as his beloved music scene.