The Greater Jersey Buzz

The Greater Jersey Buzz is hosted by Lou Cicenia and Daisy

Lou Cicenia

Lou Cicenia

Daisy Estelle


The Greater Jersey Buzz is a mix of interviews and music and buzz from around the state of New Jersey.
Streamed LIVE the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7pm eastern.
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The Greater Jersey Buzz is hosted by Lou Cicenia and Daisy. The Greater Jersey Buzz features some of the most prolific talent in the Metro New York area and beyond.


Some of the guests that have appeared on The Greater Jersey Buzz have been Operatic Virtuoso Christina Fontinelli, music legend Clem Moore, International singing sensation Simona De Rosa and Bobby Valli to name just a few.

The Greater Jersey Buzz combines the talent of Lou Cicenia and Daisy as the co-hosts of the program.

Lou is an accomplished singer well known for his big band era sound and has performed in may venues throughout the Metro New York area, from Little Italy and beyond. Lou’s music is known and loved the world over.

Daisy began working as a co-host for a local cable show at 13 years old.  From there she began acting in music videos, commercials, acting for television and film, and print modeling.  Daisy has worked as a TV Host/Correspondent on several comedy/variety specials and her own interview shows for cable television:  “Dream Date, Why Not”, “20/36 with Daisy”,  “OBC-TV Music Video Hour” and “Hot Spots with Daisy”, where she interviewed musical artists such as Vicky Sue Robinson, Color Me Badd Crystal Waters, actors, athletes and much more.

Daisy is funny, witty and a great listener.  She brings her many years of television hosting experience and fun personality to “The Greater Jersey Buzz”.

The program can be heard on the Broadband Box Office NETwork, a premiere live streaming network of VK Media. Located in northern New Jersey the Broadband Box Office NETwork is host to numerous podcasts that both inform and entertain. The Greater Jersey Buzz can be heard live the 4th Wednesday of very month at 7pm eastern.

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